“This book fills a need.”

That’s what an Acquisitions Librarian said recently about SWALLOW SAFELY.

Many people these days know about the dangers of falling in the elderly. They don’t realize, however, that swallowing problems, too, account for tens of thousands of deaths annually in this country. Many of these can be prevented.

It’s not just the elderly who are at risk. Persons of any age with Parkinson disease, stroke, Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, head injury, COPD, and heart disease are also vulnerable.

Your community needs to know this information. SWALLOW SAFELY – a caregiver’s guide to recognition, treatment, and prevention of swallowing problems – is the only book for the general public on this important topic.

ForeWord Reviews called SWALLOW SAFELY “A well-researched, informative guide for those caring for the elderly or the ill. The book’s straightforward language and clear terminology are accompanied by sixteen well-labeled illustrations of the swallowing process. Each chapter ends with a summary of important terms and information for quick reference or review. The authors’ comprehensive approach to this quality of life issue extends to their thoughtful decision to publish the book in large print that can be read comfortably by both elderly patients and their middle-aged or aging children and spouses. A thoughtful, pre-written “Letter For Your Doctor” lists swallowing problems and provides space to list hospitalizations, medical conditions, and medications.” It concluded: “This book will save lives.”

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Midwest Book Review wrote: “Swallowing, something done effortlessly every day, can be a risky undertaking. This book discusses swallowing disorders and the challenges that face older people and others in the everyday task of eating. Presenting the dangers of medications, precautions that can be taken, and more, SWALLOW SAFELY is a useful resource for anyone caring for an elderly relative.”

SWALLOW SAFELY is available in paperback, in recorded form, and electronically.


         ISBN 978-0-9819601-5-9   DDC 616.3’23
          $18.95  212 pp.  Paper  16 Illustrations
             Fully Indexed with References

        Published by Inside/Outside Press
    11 Wilson Street
    Natick, MA 01760
 (508) 740-5578

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