I think this book will be very helpful to dysphagic patients, their families, and all of us who love to eat. I liked it very much.”

Jeri Logemann, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BRS-S
Professor at Northwestern University and Medical School
Author of the Classic Textbook
“Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders”



When it comes to explanation and teaching
your patients and their caregivers
about swallowing problems,
don’t you often get the feeling
“There’s so much to do — so little time to do it!”
This book can help you to meet that need.

  • Walk your patients and their caregivers step by step through the process of swallowing.
  • Take advantage of clear, informative illustrations by Anet James in the paperback and e-book editions.
  • Show them what choking and aspiration are all about.
  • Increase compliance with the treatment plan by showing how it fits with their particular swallowing problem.

These are some comments about SWALLOW SAFELY by patients and caregivers:
“We didn’t realize there was so much to swallowing.”

“We wish we’d known about this sooner.”

“My aunt was worried that choking, not cancer, would kill her.”

Who knew a runny nose could actually be a clue to having a life-threatening swallowing problem?”
Especially valuable for families and caregivers of elders with dementia, who often develop swallowing problems.”

“As an 80-year-old man diagnosed 15 years ago with Parkinson’s, I felt this book fit me to a T. It gave me much valuable information. I will certainly recommend it to others in my support group.”

I would have not stuffed my father’s mouth full of food had ‘Swallow Safely’ been available.”
I am caring for a gentleman who just suffered a stroke. The book was very, very helpful.”

“If you’re a caregiver, this book is a must.”



Whether you’re an SLP, OT, PT, nurse, physician assistant,
CNA, dietetician, or pharmacist —
SWALLOW SAFELY will provide an excellent introduction
or refresher on the subject of dysphagia.

These are some comments about SWALLOW SAFELY by health professionals:
“Well written and easy to read. ”

“I love this little book.”

“Really on the mark.”

“I’m using it as part of a project on patient and family education.”

“Hits just the right audience with just the right information.”

An invaluable resource. Should be required reading for students of speech-language pathology as well as those in OT and CNA programs.”
The most succinct, comprehensive, and straightforward book on swallowing that I have ever read.”


The Publisher grants permission to photocopy and highlight selected portions of the book to use as “leave-behinds”:

  • Letter For Your Doctor
  • Suggestions For Safe Swallowing

Questions? Get in touch with Dr. Sayadi or Dr. Herskowitz at


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